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What is Manage My Health?

Manage My Health helps retirees, spouses and their immediate families enjoy a more fulfilling life through a variety of programs and services that improve physical and mental wellness. The program is available to retirees whose former employers have their retiree health program administered by AmWINS Group Benefits. 

Six program partners comprise Manage My Health. Each has been carefully chosen to deliver a specific program or service important to today's retiree population. These partners are:

  • My Ideal Doctor - offering 24/7 physician consultations by phone
  • CNA Associates, Inc. - offering 24/7 access to counselors
  • Hear in America - offering discount hearing benefits for you and your family
  • SpecialtyCare Connect - Find a specialist or receive a second opinion on a diagnosis
  • My eWellness - offering an online resource for personal health and wellness

Our partners place great importance on your privacy. Your personal information is not shared with AmWINS or to your primary care physician unless authorized by you. 

Usage of the Manage My Health program is not mandatory and will not affect your insurance premiums.